What do I need to audit and verify?

The following aspects of your operations require particular attention, this is IN ADDITION to all of the requirements of your approved Cargo Security Manual:

Most of these aspects require particular processes and procedures, some of which are contained in the Cargo Security Manual.

“access control” means the security procedure applied to ensure that only persons authorised, authorised vehicles and authorised items carried by such persons or transported in such vehicles are allowed access into the premises or zone being controlled;

“background check” means the checking of a person’s identity and previous experience, including any criminal history as part of the assessment of an individual’s suitability to implement a security control and/or for unescorted access to a security restricted area;

“screening” means the application of technical or other means that are intended to detect weapons, explosives, incendiary devices or other devices that may be used to commit an unlawful act that could endanger the safety of an aircraft or its crew and passengers;

“security” means a combination of measures and human and material resources intended to safeguard international civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference;

“security control” is a means by which the introduction of weapons, explosives or other dangerous devices which may be utilised to commit an act of unlawful interference can be prevented;

“security inspection” means an examination of the implementation of or compliance with the relevant security requirements by an airline, airport, or other entity involved in security;

“security survey” means an evaluation of security needs including the identification of vulnerabilities which could be exploited to carry out an act of unlawful interference, and the recommendation of corrective actions;

“security test” means a covert or overt trial of an aviation security measure which simulates an attempt to commit an unlawful act;

 Instead of trying to do this alone engage Professional Aviation Services to ensure that your operations are 100% compliant.

We will design both scheduled and ad hoc audits to ensure your compliance and the security of your operations.

Our intensive, operationally proven audit process ensure that every aspect of your operation meets the required criteria under all operational circumstances


Should you have the misfortune to be involved in any sort of incident Professional provides very experienced, impartial investigative services to designed to provide you with an accurate report on the incident, the report includes remedial actions and procedures.

Professional can be engaged to follow up and ensure implementation of the remedial action plan.