What do I do when Dangerous goods go wrong?




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Professional Aviation Services provides impartial, professional investigations and assessments of any dangerous goods incident or accident.

For clarity, some definitions:

 “dangerous goods” means articles or substances which are capable of posing significant risk to health, safety or property when conveyed by air and which are shown in the list of dangerous goods in the International Civil Aviation Organisation Technical Instructions for the Safe Carriage of Dangerous Goods or which are classified according to those Instructions;

“dangerous goods accident” means an accident associated with and related to the conveyance of dangerous goods by air;

“dangerous goods incident” means an incident, other than a dangerous goods accident, associated with and related to the conveyance of dangerous goods by air, and for the purposes of Part 92, includes injury to a person, property damage, fire, breakage, spillage, leakage of fluid or radiation or other evidence that the integrity of the packaging has not been maintained or which seriously jeopardises the aircraft or its occupants;

 “package” means the complete product of the packaging consisting of the packaging and its contents prepared for conveyance;

“packaging” means a receptacle and any other component or material necessary for the receptacle to perform its containment function and to ensure compliance with the requirements and standards as prescribed in Document SA-CATS 92;

“packing” means the process whereby an article or substance is enveloped in a wrapping, enclosed in a packaging or otherwise secured;

“process” means a set of interrelated or interacted activities which transform inputs into outputs;

“proper shipping name” means the name to be used to describe a particular article or substance in all shipping documents and notifications and, where applicable, on packaging;

When things go wrong you need Professional in your corner to provide impartial answers and a well-constructed remedial action plan.

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