Professional services for EU RA3 validation

European Union ACC 3, RA 3 and KC 3 cargo security measures became effective 1st July 2014.

The introduction of these measures have had a serious impact on the business of all freight forwarders not located in a “Green” country who consign cargo to the European Union

How you manage the impact of ACC 3 and other enhanced air cargo security measures required due to increased threat level and the increasing occurrence of air cargo that can be declared to be “High Risk” will have a dramatic, direct effect on your business.

Professional Aviation Services provides guidance to facilitate the validation to ACC 3, RA3 and KC3 status. This guidance is based on experience gained in the successful validation of 23 South African freight forwarders to RA3 status.

Professional Aviation Services provides all assistance required to achieve RA3 or KC3 validation including pre-validation, preparation of systems, screening and security procedures and processes required for validation, services include other vital air cargo security matters essential to the business of freight forwarding in South Africa and Africa.

Professional Aviation Services conducts all pre-validation processes and facilitates the actual RA3 or KC3 validation through our associated company in the Netherlands, Professional Training and Consultancy who conducts the final validation through the services of an approved EU Validator