The need for a Secure Supply Chain


ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) is increasing priority given to aviation security measures following several incidents of interference with civil aviation by various parties.

These incidents include the 1988 Lockerbie disaster, and the Twin Towers attack on 11 September 2001 and the Yemen incident in 2010 and, very recently the loss of the Metro Jet Flight from Egypt and the laptop device on the Daallo Airlines flight from Somalia.

Cargo security has been a particular focus of ICAO and pressure has been placed by on Contracting States to introduce stringent and effective air cargo security measures to prevent acts of interference against civil aviation through the cargo supply chain.

The foundation of air cargo security is the Secure Supply Chain and the effective screening and transport of only “Secure/Known” cargo on any aircraft.

 The South African Civil Aviation Authority introduced Part 108 of the Civil Aviation Regulations to honour the commitment of South Africa as a Contracting State to ICAO to that commits South Africa to introduce the Standards and Recommended Practices (known as SARPS) of ICAO, contained in Annexure 17 of the Chicago Convention, into law in South Africa.

The Professional Edge

Professional provides comprehensive services including air cargo security consultation; compliance and implementation services. Professional is the only resource that you need to achieve approval as a Regulated Agent under Part 108 of the Civil Aviation Regulations.

The range of services provided by Professional include:

  1. Site Security Investigation and Report (includes perimeter, access, and internal security) including the review of in-house security controls, systems and procedures;
  2. Preparation of an Air Cargo Security Manual;
  3. Compliance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and systems with the Security Manual;
  4. Background reference checks, including criminal checks on all personnel handling air cargo or air cargo documentation;
  5. All training required in terms of Part 92, Part 108 and Part 109 Regulation and operational conditions including training for personnel handling air cargo or air cargo documentation;
  6. Preparation of clients of a Regulated Agent for their accreditation as “Known Consignors”;
  7. All processing of applications to the SACAA as required by Regulation to issue of Certificate of Approval;
  8. Provide the services of a Designated Official (DO), as is required by the Regulations, on a full time or part time basis in order to ensure on-going compliance with the Security Manual and all applicable Regulations and Technical Standards;
  9. Provide specialist screening of air cargo utilising approved contractors and service providers;