Part 108 Air Cargo Security

Trouble free compliance services include:

  1. Site Security Investigation and Report (includes perimeter, access, and internal security) including the review of in-house security controls, systems and procedures;
  2. Preparation of an Air Cargo Security Manual;
  3. Compliance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and systems with the Security Manual;
  4. Background reference checks, including criminal checks on all personnel handling air cargo or air cargo documentation;
  5. Training required in terms of Part 92, Part 108 and Part 109 Regulation and operational conditions including training for personnel handling air cargo or air cargo documentation;
  6. Preparation of clients of a Regulated Agent for their accreditation as “Known Consignors”;
  7. All processing of applications to the SACAA as required by Regulation to issue of Certificate of Approval;
  8. Provide the services of a Designated Official (DO), as is required by the Regulations, on a full time or part time basis in order to ensure on-going compliance with the Security Manual and all applicable Regulations and Technical Standards;
  9. Provide specialist screening of air cargo utilising approved contractors and service providers;